Repetition (Speed) Workouts

A few weeks back, I posted about the definition and importance of repetition (R) workouts.  Here are a few sample workouts you can do.  Best place to do these is at a track, so its flat and you know exactly how far the distances are.  If you take it out on the road, just be sure to find as flat a road as you can.  Any incline or decline will mess with your times you should be hitting.

Make sure you have a good aerobic running base before trying these workouts.  Be sure to start each workout with a 10-15 minute warm-up (easy pace).  Follow it up with a 10-15 minute cool-down.  (Each * is a different workout).

*4 x (2 x 200 R pace w/ 200 m E pace + 1 x 400m R pace with 400 E recover)
*6 strides
  6 x (400 m R with 400 E pace + 200 R with 200 E)
*2 x (200 R pace w/200 E pace)
  3 x (1,000 T pace w/ 1-min rest)
  2 x (200 R pace w/ 200 E pace)
*10 x (400 R pace w/ 3 min recover)
*5 x (1,000 I pace w/3 min E pace)
*2 x (10 x 200 R pace with 1-min E pace); 10 min E pace after each set
R pace is “Repetition pace”  E pace is “Easy pace” 
The easiest way to determine R pace is current mile race pace or three seconds slower per 400 than mile goal pace. E pace is easy, conversation pace, zone 1-2 of your HR zones.